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Нейтральная Аргус
Уровень 110
Argus 7.2 Trailer.png
СтолицаАнторус, Пылающий Трон
РасыДемонДемонДемонДемон Демон
Ман'ари эредарМан'ари эредар Ман'ари
Сломленный Сломленный
Пылающий Легион
На границе между Круговертью Пустоты и Великой Тьмой
Аргус от «Сыновей Шторма»

Аргус — родина эредаров (и соответственно дренеев). Аргусом правил триумвират могущественнейших магов-эредаров. Это были Кил'джеден, Архимонд и Велен. Достоверно известно, что на планете были холодные горы Кааринос и множество городов с одаренными магами, а самым священным из них была столица Мак'Ари[1]. Согласно легендам, это был город, устланный драгоценностями и испещренный реками-каналами, сверкающими даже ночью.


Арт Аргуса на Blizzcon 2016

Как и в Азероте, в Аргусе присутствует душа-мира: бездействующий титан.[2]

Приблизительно 25 000 лет назад к могущественной расе эредаров явился падший титан Саргерас, который предложил им присоединиться к его Пылающему Легиону и стать повелителями множества миров. Архимонд и Кил'джеден были готовы сразу согласиться, но Велен сомневался в истинных намерениях чужака. Затем он получил видение, в котором увидел будущее эредаров, согласившихся стать частью Легиона — они превратятся в демонов. Велен попытался предупредить об этом своих братьев, но те были уже опьянены мечтами о власти, и Велен понял, что с этого момента потерял их. В отчаянии он попросил помощи у небес, и ему ответили Наару.

Наару являются врагами Легиона и сторонниками Света. Они втайне собирают все расы, противящиеся Саргерасу, чтобы однажды создать единую непобедимую Армию Света. Велен согласился присягнуть на верность Свету, если Наару помогут его народу. В назначенный час Велен собрал горстку единомышленников и едва успел бежать от сил Кил'джедена, который уже превратился в демона и считал Велена предателем своей расы.[3]

Кил'джеден, Архимонд и все остальные оставшиеся эредары Аргуса стали частью Легиона.[4]

Eventually, Argus attracted the attention of Sargeras. He offered the eredar a deal: in exchange for their loyalty, he would give them power undreamed of by all races. Kil'jaeden and Archimonde were quick to accept the offer, but Velen had a vision of the future: the eredar would be transformed into demons under the rule of Sargeras. His advice to Kil'jaeden and Archimonde went unheeded, and he desperately sought a solution to this dilemma. Eventually, Velen was contacted by a race of divine energy beings called the naaru, and he fled with his followers, renaming his people the draenei, or "exiled ones", while Kil'jaeden, Archimonde and the rest of the eredar became the feared, insidious sorcerers and tacticians of the Burning Legion. As the draenei fled, the world was devoured by the Legion.[5]

Warlords of Draenor

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Argus has since become the stronghold of the Burning Legion, where Azzakel waits for an opportunity to invade other worlds.[1] A portal was open from Argus to Auchindoun, but was quickly closed by the planet's defenders.[6]

It was also revealed that the eredar had rewritten Argus' history books to paint Velen as a traitor.[7]


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Following the Battle for the Exodar, Velen ordered the Light's Chosen to make the necessary preparations for their new vessel, the Vindicaar, to return to Argus.[8]

After defeating Kil'jaeden in the Tomb of Sargeras, Illidan Stormrage uses the Sargerite Keystone to open a rift between Argus and Azeroth, making Argus visible in Azeroth's sky.

Возвращение на Аргус

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As the Legion's homeworld, Argus is hostile territory. Demons patrol every crag of Argus's shattered surface, and sometimes it seems as if the planet itself is out to get you.[9]

At some point, the Burning Legion started torturing Argus' world-soul, called Argus the Unmaker. Turalyon states the Legion harnessed his power to endlessly regenerate inside the Twisting Nether.[10]

Argus is a no-fly zone, similar to the Isle of Thunder, and the Vindicaar is the Armies of Legionfall's ship for the assault. The Seat of the Triumvirate dungeon and Antorus, the Burning Throne raid will be attacked.


Argus hovers on the border of the Twisting Nether and the physical universe, saturated with the fel energies of the Burning Legion. Argus contained various different terrain types. Wintergrasp and its chill reminded Anchorite Tessa of the stormy peaks of Kaarinos.[11] It also had deserts, forests, lush plains, frozen tundras, and other environs.[12]

The area of Argus that Illidan Stormrage visited during the War in Outland was once a beautiful place of crystalline mountains and shimmering seas, but is now cold and cruel with a sense of corruption and loss. Jagged crystal mountains hold festering corruption within that cause them to crumble, and dust devils born of the powdered gems screech down canyons of serrated rock which refract light everywhere. There is a city which looms over canyons of fractured crystal and is laid out according to complex geomantic rules. The buildings resemble those of the draenei but far more grandiose. At the center of the city is a mighty palace that is home to Archimonde and Kil'jaeden. Within the palace's crystal corridors are runes which fill the mind with despair, visions of conquest, and a rage to end all things: the creed of the Burning Legion, written in fire.[13]

Below the surface of Argus, there are many dark and secret chambers where weapons are forged and wills are broken. The assassin Akaari Shadowgore spent centuries in these chambers, her essence being shaped, molded and intertwined with the power of her dreaded daggers, the Fangs of the Devourer. The souls of other eredar assassins were sacrificed and bound to hers, granting her the experience of a hundred lifetimes and thousands of kills.[14]

Mac'Aree was the most sacred of the eredar's cities. According to Jessera of Mac'Aree, its walkways were lined with precious minerals and the rivers glittered even in complete darkness.[4] Mac'Aree has also been described as having purple hills.[15] The Last Relic of Argus holds the inscription: "I long for Mac'Aree". The city now floats above the planet and has mostly escaped fel corruption, giving something of an insight into what pre-corrupted Argus was like.

Argus is bisected by a great fel-radiating rift that ends at a cataclysm which has removed a portion of the planet.


Родные расы


Пришельцы на Аргусе

В World of Warcraft

Карта Аргуса в World of Warcraft: Legion
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Argus could be seen during the fight with alternate Gul'dan through a gigantic rift opened in the Great Dark Beyond,[источник?] from which Gul'dan planned to summon in the Lord of the Legion, Sargeras. During the Kil'jaeden fight, his ship appears into orbit above Argus. After defeating him, Argus can be seen in the sky of many zones on Azeroth in-game. As of August 8, 2017 Argus appears for all players regardless of if they have beaten Kil'jaeden or not.

Argus will be featured in Legion's patch 7.3, with different regions, quests and instances in addition to a raid and other complementary features.[18][19] Argus is split into three zones: Krokuun, Mac'Aree, and the Antoran Wastes.



  • The adjective form of Argus is Argussian.[20]
  • The tree Valuundira in alternate Shadowmoon Valley originated from Argus.[21]
  • The Argus Wake is a cult loyal to the Burning Legion whose name may have been inspired by the eponymous planet.
  • During the Legion Invasions, some bosses summoned meteors called Fragments of Argus.
  • In StarCraft: Brood War, there are unit upgrades called the Argus Talisman and the Argus Jewel, both used by Protoss Dark Templar units (the Dark Archon and the Corsair, respectively). Retribution, one of the officially released third-party campaigns for the original StarCraft, is centered around a relic called the Argus Stone.[22]
  • Argus is the name of several Greek mythological figures, as well as one of the major cities of Bronze Age Greece. The adjective ἀργὸς in Ancient Greek has the possible meaning of 'glistening' or 'shining' and is in accord with how Argus and its cities (e.g Mac'Aree) were described.
  • Since the Twisting Nether overlaps all realities and Argus is on the border of it, Argus is a special case. One can wonder how alternate Velen and his draenei fit into this.
  • Instead of Spirit Healers, Prime Naaru are used to revive at graveyards on Argus.
  • Dreadflame Magi come from Argus.[23]
  • Despite it being established that a demon dying on Argus is permanent, Felbound Drudges state they return.[24] This may just be metaphorical.



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