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КлассификацияМаленький Гуманоид
Отношение к другим
Независимая, Могу (ранее)
СтолицаNone, based around the Burlap Trail
Родной мирАзерот

Высоко в горах Пандарии, сокрытых за туманами, обитают груммели. Эти гуманоиды чистосердечны и скромны, и их вполне удовлетворяет всю жизнь носить товары крутыми ветреными переходами вершины Кунь-Лай. Они знают горы до последней расселины, но, преодолевая крутые склоны, полагаются на приметы и удачу.[3] The grummles regularly trade with the pandaren, bringing essential supplies to the Shado-Pan forces guarding the great Serpent's Spine wall, and for a happy-go-lucky people they take this task quite seriously. Such trade endeavors were established long ago,[4] and have forged one of the strongest ties possible between two sapient species on Pandaria.


The Grummle were created during the reign of the mogu Emperor Tian. The Emperor needed trusted messengers and deliverymen, so he took a group of troggs[5] and warped them with the powers of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. A grummle can carry five times their own weight, they never sweat, have an outstanding sense of smell and their skulls are harder than granite - likely as a result of the brute strength, strong sense of smell and stone-like bodies their predecessors possessed. Curiously, they all appear to be related, usually with their name prefaced with "Uncle", "Cousin" or "Brother".[6] When the ancient pandaren began their rebellion 12,000 years ago, the grummles soon joined them alongside the other slave races. They acted as messengers for the rebels (and likely delivered supplies), while simultaneously stopping delivery of food and news to their mogu slavemasters.

The cooperation of the grummles was perhaps one of the most important contributions to the revolution. Without grummle support, the mogu armies starved, and neither messages of vital importance nor resources were delivered to the imperial troops. Entire armies sat in their barracks oblivious to the rebellion taking place until it was too late.[7]

Today they still act as traders, messengers, guides, and pack bearers for expeditions high up on Kun-Lai Summit. In addition to their great knowledge of the mountains, the superstitious grummles rely on luck and good fortune to see them through the difficult high passes. They are a very superstitious people, who often take on the names of their favorite charms, or "Luckydos." The grummles are suspicious of any luck they cannot smell.[8]

Груммели никогда не путешествуют в одиночку. У них нет единого правителя — только главы караванов, которые ведут все дела. Между груммелями и Шадо-пан заключено долгосрочное соглашение: воины монастыря защищают горные дороги от хищников, бандитов и хозенов, а груммели взамен приносят к великой стене скоропортящиеся товары. Этому торговому пути, известному как Джутовый Путь, уже несколько веков. Он выгоден и Шадо-пан, и самим груммелям.[1]

As explained by Lucky Eightcoins, Brother Oilyak, and Lorewalker Cho, and implied elsewhere, a key component in grummle culture is the "luckydo". A luckydo is a lucky object that a grummle carries at all times. Pungency is a key factor in determining an object's luck. A grummle is usually named after their primary luckydo.[9] The highest honor for a grummle is to be declared a luckydo themselves. Per Cousin Gootfur, the opposite of a luckydo is a luckydont.


Concept art
  • The grummle race is the only race friendly to the player to come from troggs, and not a natural outcome at that.
  • The grummles are easily and by far the smartest offshoot of the troggs.
    • It is unknown how troggs ended up on Pandaria, as the first troggs were sealed away for their brutish nature in, and first unleashed from, the vault of Uldaman; also, troggs never appear in Pandaria, despite frequent journeys underground. They possibly tunneled their way to Pandaria prior to the War of the Ancients and were all transformed by the mogu. It is also possible that a Pandarian source of troggs was entirely utilized by the mogu.
  • Grummles share the same animations as Pygmies.
  • They had a story told by Lorewalker Cho in beta, but it was removed before launch.
  • The large backpacks on their backs are called Grummlepacks.[10]


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