Ночной эльф (доступно игроку)

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Эта статья the playable race of night elves. Для more information on the night elf race in general смотри night elf.
Альянс Night elves
Playable Night Elves.jpg
Доступные классыDruid, Hunter, Priest, Rogue, Warrior, WotLK Death knight, Cata Mage, MoP Monk
Стартовая зонаShadowglen, Teldrassil
Лидер расыIconSmall Tyrande.gifTyrande Whisperwind
IconSmall Malfurion.gifMalfurion Stormrage
СтолицаDarnassus, Teldrassil
Расовое верховое животноеIconSmall Saber.gif Saber cat

The night elves of Darnassus are a faction of playable night elves in World of Warcraft. They start in Shadowglen, an area located inside the great tree Teldrassil.

For the Alliance, the druid class was exclusive to the night elves until the addition of the Worgen in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm expansion.


The Icon of Wisdom

After years of imprisonment within the Emerald Nightmare, Archdruid Malfurion Stormrage has finally returned to the mortal world. Reunited with his love, Tyrande Whisperwind, Malfurion endeavors now to heal the corrupted world tree, Teldrassil, and rejuvenate the spirit of the night elf people. Yet, as the Great Cataclysm shakes the boughs of their colossal tree, the night elves brace themselves against the coming storm. As war and destruction close in from all sides, is falls to night elves like you to stand strong and protect the enduring legacy of your people.

For ten thousand years, the immortal night elves cultivated a druidic society within the shadowed recesses of Ashenvale Forest. Then the catastrophic invasion of the Burning Legion shattered the tranquility of their ancient civilization. Led by the Arch-Druid Malfurion Stormrage and the Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind, the mighty night elves rose to challenge the demonic onslaught. Aided by the newly arrived orcs and humans, the night elves succeeded in halting the Legion’s advance and defeating its master, the demonlord Archimonde. Though victorious, the night elves were forced to sacrifice their cherished immortality and watch their beloved forests burn.

In the aftermath of the horrific conflict, Malfurion and Tyrande helped their people rebuild their shattered villages. Slowly the night elves began to adjust to their mortal existence. Such an adjustment was far from easy, and there were many night elves who could not adjust to the prospects of aging, disease, and frailty. Seeking to regain their immortality, a number of wayward druids conspired to plant a special tree that would reestablish a link between their spirits and the eternal world. When Malfurion heard about this plan, he warned that nature would never bless such a selfish act. Shortly thereafter, Malfurion’s spirit was somehow lost within the depths of the Emerald Dream. Though his fellow druids attempted to find his wandering spirit, only his body remained sleeping within his Barrow Den.

With Malfurion missing, Fandral Staghelm – the leader of those who wished to plant the new World Tree – became the new Arch- Druid. In no time at all, he and his fellow druids had forged ahead and planted the great tree, Teldrassil, off the stormy coasts of northern Kalimdor. Under their care, the tree sprouted up above the clouds. Among the twilight boughs of the colossal tree, the wondrous city of Darnassus took root. However, the tree was not consecrated with nature's blessing and soon fell prey to the corruption of the Burning Legion. Now the wildlife and even the limbs of Teldrassil itself are tainted by a growing darkness.

It is your sworn duty to defend Darnassus and the wild children of nature against the Legion’s encroaching corruption.[1]


A Night Elf Huntress

Starting attributes

Base Друид Друид Охотник Охотник Жрец Жрец Разбойник Разбойник Воин Воин Рыцарь смерти Рыцарь смерти Маг Маг
Strength 17 18 17 17 18 20 104 17
Agility 25 25 28 25 28 25 77 25
Stamina 19 19 20 19 20 21 99 19
Intellect 20 22 20 22 20 20 29 23
Spirit 20 22 21 23 20 20 42 22

Racial traits

Shadowmeld - instant - 2 min cooldown
Activate to slip into the shadows, reducing the chance for enemies to detect your presence. Lasts until cancelled or upon moving. Any threat is restored versus enemies still in combat upon cancellation of this effect.
Elusiveness (night elf racial) - passive (rogue/druid only)
Reduces the chance enemies have to detect you while shadowmelded.
Quickness - passive
Increased your chance to dodge melee and ranged attacks by 2%.
Wisp Spirit - passive
Transform into a wisp upon death, increasing speed by 75% (instead of 50%).
Nature Resistance (racial) - passive
Reduces Nature damage taken by 1%.

Reasons for racial traits

Surprise is at the heart of kaldorei battle tactics. A typical attack consists of a group of Sentinels staying hidden, melding with the shadows around them, making a rapid strike, and then disappearing before the enemy can respond. This Elusiveness makes rogues and Druids of the Claw even more stealthy than their counterparts of other races. When an enemy does strike at a night elf they will find that her natural reflexes and Quickness make her difficult to hit.

Night elves live alongside nature rather than pushing it away. This way of life gives them a slight resistance to the elements and to chemical attacks like poisons.

Wisp Spirits wander the forests of Kalimdor and sometimes aid the night elves in construction and gathering. According to legend, these forest lights are the ghosts of dead kaldorei.