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IconLarge Охотник.gif Охотник
Зоркий Глаз, тролль-охотник.
ДоступенЭльф кровиЭльф крови Эльф крови

ДворфДворф Дворф
ДренейДреней Дреней
ОтрекшиесяОтрекшиеся Отрекшиеся
ГоблинГоблин Гоблин
ЧеловекЧеловек Человек
Ночной эльфНочной эльф Ночной эльф
ПандаренПандарен Пандарен
ТауренТаурен Таурен
ТролльТролль Тролль

ВоргенВорген Ворген
СпециализацииПовелитель зверей Повелителей зверей, Стрельба Стрельба, Выживание Выживание
Основные характеристикиЛовкость
Владение оружиемЛук, Огнестрельное, Арбалет
Типы брони[[Ткань, Кожа, Кольчуга]]
Некоторые способностиМожет приручать различных боевых питомцев, использует различные ловушки, [Притвориться мертвым], [Отрыв], [Дух стаи]
Классы Воин Друид Жрец Маг Монах Охотник Охотник на демонов Паладин Разбойник Рыцарь смерти Чернокнижник Шаман
Расы класса Во Др Жр Ма Мо Ох ОД Па Ра Ры Че Ша
Задания Во Др Жр Ма Мо Ох ОД Па Ра Ры Че Ша
Способности Во Др Жр Ма Мо Ох ОД Па Ра Ры Че Ша
Тренеры Во Др Жр Ма Мо Ох ОД Па Ра Ры Че Ша
Тактики Во Др Жр Ма Мо Ох ОД Па Ра Ры Че Ша
Комплекты брони Во Др Жр Ма Мо Ох ОД Па Ра Ры Че Ша
Начиная играть... Во Др Жр Ма Мо Ох ОД Па Ра Ры Че Ша
Макросы Во Др Жр Ма Мо Ох ОД Па Ра Ры Че Ша
Новый символ класса.

Класс охотника выполняет множество функций - таких как нанесение урона издали, помощь в перенаправлении угрозы на танка. Они умеют приручать почти всех животных, что можно встретить в природе, а так же выслеживать многих существ. Нередко питомцы спасали жизнь охотникам. Охотники используют питомца как помощь в бою, или отвлечение кого-нибудь, и считают их лучшими друзьями.


Ночной эльф охотник.

Note: The term "hunter" can refer to the combat class, as well as to those who go hunting as a profession, hobby, or survival skill. The two are not identical, as not all that hunt are a hunter class. The below lore refers only to the specific class.

The RPG Icon 16x36.png Эта секция содержит эксклюзивную информацию для Warcraft RPG.

The hunter is a stalker in the wilds, living on his knowledge of survival and skill with a bow or rifle. He is deeply in tune with nature, and some of its mightiest beasts are his allies. Of Azeroth's many creatures, few can resist the hunter's call, and fewer can survive his fury. Hunters are as varied as the world's many climates, but they are universally renowned for their amazing abilities to find their prey and bring it down. They come from any race (players are restricted to twelve races, see below), though certain races naturally excel at the hunter's profession. Most hunters seek to aid the balance of nature along with their druidic allies.[1] Elven rangers are not alone in their mastery of the wilderness. While an elven ranger prefers the bow, the hunter would rather get up close. A hunter is skilled in stealth, slipping through the woods like a ghost. Orcs of the Horde first learned the ways of the hunter from forest trolls on Lordaeron and tauren have been masters of the hunt since the dawn of the world. Like the shaman of the Horde, hunters call upon the spirits of the land, wind, and fire to aid them in their hunts and tasks. Their spells focus on the elements and the land.[2]

Дворф охотник.

WoW Icon 16x16.gif Эта секция содержит эксклюзивную информацию для World of Warcraft.

The hunter is one of the oldest classes in history. They represent a deep connection between man and beast, and the hunters of Warcraft are not merely individuals who track animals and slay them for food, but custodians of balance. They understand the natural circle of life and death, and the part they must play in maintaining it not simply as researchers, but as active participants. The "Hunt" is venerated, and the prey they choose to stalk is given as much respect as the predators hunters choose to learn from and embody. All hunters create lifelong friendships with animal companions, who are also often their best and only friends, if the stereotype of the reclusive huntsman is to be believed. Hunters come in all shapes, forms, sizes and specialties, but in World of Warcraft, all hunters specialize to be marksmen (however, not all hunters choose the Marksmanship specialization). Hunters are a curious mix of mysticism and rough wilderness know-how. They can learn to mystically align themselves with the aspects of various animals to assist them: the spryness of a monkey, the sharp eyes of a hawk, and the swiftness of a cheetah; they gift themselves with a higher resistance against the dangers of the most important thing of all in the rites of a hunter — the very Wilds he and his prey live in. Hunters also derive a system of hand-to-hand combat inspired by the attacks and counterattacks of various animals, and use magically empowered traps to maim and snare their prey. They have various shots imbued with magic or explosives to snare, poison, handicap and disorient their targets. They can even hold their breath and slow their heartbeat to a highly infrequent, inconsequential tap to give their pursuers the impression that they are dead.

The hunter is the choice of life for those who reject societies that oppress the natural role as prey and hunter, and also reject the druidic stance that we should be healers and observers rather than active participants in the "Great Hunt". They follow a life of reverence for nature complimenting their tradition and willingness to use man-made tools. We are all tool-using creatures after all, and it is only natural to use that advantage afforded by nature to be better hunters. There are however also those hunters who prefer a more direct approach to tracking and hunting.

Выдающиеся охотники

ООрда Орда

ААльянс Альянс



Marksman Boriz, дреней охотник.
Scout Kurgo, орк охотник.
Основная статья: Расы охотника

Игроки, выбравшие класс охотника, могут играть за следующие расы:

Раса Сила Ловкость Выносливость Интеллект Дух Броня Здоровье Стартовый питомец
ААльянс ДренейДреней Дреней TBC 21 20 21 20 23 40 56 Бабочка
ААльянс ДворфДворф Дворф 25 19 22 19 20 38 66 Медведь
ААльянс ЧеловекЧеловек Человек Cata 20 23 21 20 21 ? 56 Волк
ААльянс Ночной эльфНочной эльф Ночной эльф 16 27 21 20 21 54 56 Кошка
ААльянс ВоргенВорген Ворген Cata 23 25 21 16 20 ? 56 Собака
ААльянс/ООрда PandarenPandaren Пандарен MoP 20 21 22 19 23 37 123 Черепаха
ООрда Эльф кровиЭльф крови Эльф крови TBC 17 25 21 23 19 50 56 Дракондор
ООрда ОтрекшиесяОтрекшиеся Отрекшиеся Cata 19 21 22 18 26 ? 66 Паук
ООрда ГоблинГоблин Гоблин Cata 17 25 21 23 19 49 56 Краб
ООрда ОркОрк Орк 23 20 22 17 23 40 66 Вепрь
ООрда ТауренТаурен Таурен 25 19 22 16 23 38 67 Долгоног
ООрда ТролльТролль Тролль 21 25 21 16 22 50 56 Раптор


Для полного списка всех способностей охотника, см. Способности охотника.

Дальний бой

E'sad, тролль охотник

Ranged fighting requires a choice between a gun, bow, or a crossbow. When starting, this will depend on your race. Dwarves, tauren and worgen are given guns, draenei start with crossbows, and the other races get bows. Later on, you can train to use the ranged weapons that aren't inherent to your race. In general, crossbows are relatively slow, but hit harder and are favored for increasing burst damage, while guns are relatively fast and good for steady grinding. Bows have moderate attack speed and are favored for sustained DPS. Initially, weapon speed will be inconsequential since the only available abilities consist of Auto-Shot and various instant casts. Guns can be crafted by engineers, but there are no craftable bows or crossbows, so most ranged upgrades will come from mob drops and quest rewards. There are also a small amount of crafted weapons other than guns.

For further information see the hunter tactics page.

Стрелы и яды

Hunters have stings and venoms, which are specialized debuffs they can apply to targets to help them address specific situations. Only one sting and one venom per hunter can be active on any one target. Viper Sting and Scorpid Sting were removed in 4.0.1 which leaves hunters only one sting, the Damage Over Time sting known as Serpent Sting. Also, they have been given one "Venom", called Widow Venom, which reduces healing taken by the afflicted target. While not usually worth the focus cost in PvP, it is useful in some PvE applications where heals are unavoidable. Certain abilities refresh the duration of stings. Depending on your specialization, they are Cobra Shot, or Steady Shot.


Арт ночного эльфа охотника.

Hunters also make heavy use of special shots to supplement their DPS and provide utility to their groups. The bulk of a hunter's damage and utility will come from the use of these shots. Survival hunters use Explosive Shot, marksmen use Chimera Shot, and beast masters (while technically not a shot) use Kill Command as their signature ability.

Since Обновление 5.1.0, any shot, be it auto or cast-time, can be fired on the move, without any penalty. However, prior to Обновление 3.0.2, the hunter could not move or fire their Auto Shot if they were casting another spell at the same time. The Auto Shot swing timer was still counting but would not fire over another shot. This was called "clipping Auto Shot" and would greatly reduce DPS. This mechanic was at first countered with Aspect of the Fox, and later removed entirely.

In the past weapon speed was often critical to maximising dps output, but the standardisation of weapon speeds and disuse of shot rotations means that hunters should now simply use the weapon with the best dps and stats, regardless of speed. Previously, due to clipping consideration, weapon speed was crucial to maximizing dps with shot rotation, and a hunter would aim to choose a ranged weapon of an appropriate speed (2.7 for beast masters, 3-3.1 for survivalists and marksmen) to fit neatly between the cooldowns of their more powerful abilities. These days, however, all weapons have the same speed, and since shot rotations are not used, speed is no longer important.

Боевые питомцы

Дворф охотник со своим питомцем.

Прирученные животные

Прирученные животные (петы) значительно облегчают жизнь охотника в World of Warcraft. Охотники могут давать прирученным животным имена.

Одновременно охотник может иметь только одного питомца. Если вы хотите приручить нового и не потерять старого, необходимо пойти в стойла и оставить его там.

Тролль охотник с питомцем.

Hunters start with a pet at level 1 and can tame pets at level 10. They are able to control the pet through various commands. Although hunters can have only one active pet at a time, they have immediate access to 4 additional pets using Call Pet and they can house up to 20 pets in the stable.

In addition to regular animals, a number of special targets have been introduced into the game world specifically for hunters to track and tame. These beasts present a Taming Challenge and require special tactics to ready them for taming, much like the original epic bow quest in Vanilla World of Warcraft. While some of these are simply hard to find (and even harder to tame) those introduced in Mists of Pandaria are fully invisible beasts, able to be revealed only by hunters using Flare, who must first find them by seeking out their subtle and elusive tracks. See Taming Challenge for a list.


Hunters have five different types of traps available for use. Some traps are a type of Crowd Control; others are a source of damage. Traps exist for 1 minute, and have separate 30 second cooldown categories: Fire (Explosive Trap and Black Arrow), Frost (Freezing Trap, Ice Trap) and Nature Snake Trap. A hunter can have one trap of each category placed at one time. Traps are within the domain of the survival sub-school, although trained by hunters of any spec.


Amongst many different aspects, two main variants remained in game.

Damage increasing Aspects:

Speed increasing Aspects:

  • Aspect of the Cheetah: The hunter takes on the characteristics of a cheetah, increasing movement speed by 30%. If the hunter takes damage, he will be dazed for 4 sec.

Glyph of Aspect of the Cheetah, can get rid of the daze part, has a drawback though.

  • Aspect of the Pack: The hunter's group (including the hunter) takes on the characteristics of a pack of cheetahs, increasing all their movement speeds by 30%. If a pack member takes damage, that member will be dazed for 4 sec.



Hunters are the only class that can track any type of creature individually, or simultaniously over the minimap.


Kalnuf Eagleheart, таурен охотник.
Для полного списка способностей в каждой специализации, смотрите Способности охотника

Повелитель зверей

Ability hunter bestialdiscipline.png

Знаток зверей, который умеет приручать животных разных видов и использовать их в сражении.

While all hunters value the assistance of their animal companions, Beast Mastery hunters have the closest bonds of all with their pets. Beast Mastery (BM) hunters place far more importance on the pet, dealing an increased amount of damage through the addition of numerous active and passive abilities, as well as through their mastery Master of Beasts. The pets of BM hunters deal more damage, regenerate focus more quickly, can use their special attacks more often and benefit from bonus crits, splash damage and haste procs. BM hunters and their pets have the most focus of any hunters, with their animal bond contributing Invigoration to both parties. BM hunters are also the only hunters sufficiently attuned to the animal kingdom to be capable of taming Exotic Beasts, allowing them to gain some of the most impressive and exciting pets in the game.


Ability hunter focusedaim.png

Меткий стрелок, с которым никто не сравнится в стрельбе с больших расстояний.

Masters of ranged weaponry, Marksmanship hunters focus on honing their skills with the gun or bow. The standard hunter's repertoire of shots is significantly improved for Marksmanship hunters, with new types of shots and additional effects added to others. The powerful Marksmanship abilities Aimed Shot and Chimera Shot are augmented along with Steady Shot and Multi-Shot to build to a devastating synergy of ranged attacks, dealing swift and explosive damage while granting disorients, bleeds and even self-healing. Marksmanship hunters' potent damage output is increased by their mastery Wild Quiver, regularly granting free bonus shots.


Ability hunter camouflage.png

Следопыт, который предпочитает полагаться на яды, взрывчатку и ловушки.

Survival hunters focus on the more miscellaneous areas of the hunter's repertoire, benefiting from improved traps and increased magical damage. Survival hunters gain several improvements to their Serpent Sting, increasing its damage and duration, and spreading it automatically to targets hit by Multi-Shot. Survival hunters also gain some additional attacks (Black Arrow, Explosive Shot) with additional synergy from other effects such as Lock and Load. Survival hunters' traps are also improved both in power and effect, while the Survival mastery Essence of the Viper improves many of the Survival hunter's most powerful attacks.


В мире WoW обитают самые разнообразные животные. А специалистом по выслеживанию, охоте и приручению животных является охотник. Прирученный зверь – самый лучший друг охотника. В основном охотник предпочитает дальний бой, с применением лука или ружья, но существует отдельная ветка талантов для смеси ближнего боя и дальнего.

Плюсы охотника:

  • Имеет способность к приручению животных, которые затем помогают ему в бою.
  • Скорость передвижения увеличена без покупки ездового животного с помощью Духа гепарда (скорость в 2 раза ниже чем у маунта) и Духа Стаи (увеличивает скорость всех членов группы неподалеку от игрока).
  • Выслеживание разных типов существ, в том числе и игроков (гуманоиды).
  • Имеет ловушки, позволяющие застать врасплох игроков и монстров.
  • Питомец может исполнять роль танка на низких уровнях.

Минусы охотника:

  • Носит легкую кожаную броню, а кольчужные доспехи доступны только с 40-го уровня.
  • В дополнении Wrath of The Lich King охотникам нередко нехватало маны в затянувшихся боях с боссами.
  • Достаточно слаб в ближнем бою по сравнению с другими классами.

Изменения в обновлениях

  • MoP Обновление 5.3.0 (21.05.2013): Hunters now have 50 pet stable slots, up from 20.
  • MoP Обновление 5.0.4 (28-08-2012):
    • Minimum range removed.
    • Main hand slot is being changed to equip ranged weapons for hunters. Melee weapons can still be placed in this slot, however, they'll have no abilities that use them.
    • Hunters now benefit from Expertise as their ranged attacks can be dodged.
    • Any type of pet can now choose any specialization (Ferocity, Tenacity, or Cunning).
  • Cata Обновление 4.0.1 (12-10-2010):
    • Focus has replaced mana as a new resource.
    • Ammo has been removed from the game. Quivers and ammo pouches have also been removed.
    • Up to five pets can now be stored with the hunter at all times (depending on how many "ranks" of the Call Pet ability have been trained). Any one of these five pets can be summoned via the Call Pet ability.
    • Hunters now start with a pet at level 1, rather than acquiring the ability to tame their first pet at level 10.
  • WotLK Обновление 3.2.0 (04-08-2009): Traps now have separate 30 second cooldown categories: Fire (Immolation Trap, Explosive Trap and Black Arrow), Frost (Freezing Trap, Frost Trap) and Nature (Snake Trap). A hunter can have one trap of each category placed at one time. Also, the time that traps will exist in the world after being put down has been reduced to 30 seconds, down from 1 minute.
  • WotLK Обновление 3.0.2 (14-10-2008): Pets now have their own talent trees. These can be accessed via the talent panel. Hunter pets can learn talents in one of three trees depending on family. Pets gain talent points starting at level 20 and earn an extra talent point every 4 levels.
  • TBC Обновление 2.3.0 (13-11-2007): Untalented firing range of 5-35 yards, eliminating the dead zone.
  • TBC Обновление 2.0.1 (05-12-2006): Traps can now be set while in combat, but require a 2 second arming time.
  • WoW Icon 16x16.gif Обновление 1.6.0 (12-07-2005): Fixed race condition allowing hunters to control a charmed unit and a pet at the same time.

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