Руины Гилнеаса

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Для the worgen starting zone and history of the region, см. Gilneas.
Нейтральная Руины Гилнеаса
Уровень 14 - 16
The shattered Greymane Wall
СтолицаGilneas City
РасыОтрекшиесяОтрекшиеся Отрекшиеся
ЧеловекЧеловек Человек
ВоргенВорген Ворген
Hereditary monarchy
ПравительGenn Greymane
Forsaken Forward Command (later destroyed)
Emberstone Village (later abandoned by both sides.)
Alliance (mainland), Contested (Coast)
South of Silverpine Forest

Руины Гилнеаса - это название для зоны Гилнеаса, в которой, после ряда игровых событий, воргены делают первые шаги в игре по накоплению очков опыта. Игроки Орды направляются сюда по выполнению заданий сюжетной линии Серебряного бора.


During the recent invasion of Gilneas, the denizens of long sealed off, tattered, and cursed kingdom fought valiantly to repel the invading Forsaken armies, but casualties were heavy and the enemy even took the life of the prince and heir to the Gilnean throne, Liam Greymane. The majority of the population was forced to retreat to seek shelter in the night elven lands, while the Gilneas Liberation Front remained to continue fighting for freedom of their homeland. This region quickly became one of the main fronts in the ongoing war between the Alliance and Horde. The Gilneas Liberation Front and its 7th Legion allies clash with the Forsaken armies marching beyond the ruined Greymane Wall.

Through several battles, which end in the loss of all Forsaken bases aside from the Forsaken Front, the Liberation front ends up cutting off most of the Forsaken's support and eventually routs them from the area completely. This was achieved through aid from their new allies in the Bloodfang pack, and 7th legion support in the form of naval soldiers and submarines (which proceed to destroy the entire Forsaken fleet.). With no naval support and turmoil in upper Silverpine Forest, the Forsaken end up losing their hold on Gilneas; not before smuggling the corpse of Vincent Godfrey and his henchmen however. With the Forsaken gone, the Alliance quickly re-established their presence in Gilneas.

Following the defeat in Gilneas, Darius Crowley, leader of the Gilneas Liberation Front, leads the final assault on Silverpine Forest, attempting to retake part of the land. However, Sylvanas, with Godfrey's aid, captures Lorna Crowley, Darius' daughter, and uses her as a bargaining chip. With no other option to save his child, Crowley orders a retreat from Silverpine in order to save Lorna from undeath; an act that angers Ivar Bloodfang greatly. Despite this loss however, the timely betrayal of Sylvanas by Vincent Godfrey ends up saving the Alliance from losing their grip on Gilneas, an unintended affect on Godfrey's behalf as he did not wish to save the Alliance (Especially the Gilneans who made up most of the forces.). His betrayal of Sylvanas, who is killed then resurrected by her Val'kyr, leaves her too weakened to continue the assault to rout the Alliance from Gilneas, leaving the Horde victorious in Silverpine, but the Alliance claims victory over Gilneas.

Following these events, the Alliance has cemented their hold in Gilneas, the Bloodfang and some 7th legion taking to the offensive front while the Gilneas Liberation Front remained behind to defend the rebuilding area. With all Forsaken land bases either destroyed or recaptured by Alliance forces, the Forsaken have begun to launch naval assaults on the area, starting an ongoing battle over the coastal region as the Alliance attempts to repel the Forsaken's attempts to re-establish a land base within Gilneas. Despite this however, the mainland of Gilneas is still under Alliance control as the Forsaken have not yet been successful.

Aside from the battles on the coast, the situation within the Ruins of Gilneas was relatively silent until just before the demise of Deathwing. It was revealed by Ravenholdt that the Gilneans had been infiltrated by a Black Dragonflight member in disguise as an affluent noble by the name of Hiram Creed. Using his blood, Creed sought out to corrupt the Gilneans in secret, attempting to make them his pawns and make an army of draconically enhanced servants. Going by the name of the Blackhowl, the group was seen mostly within the walls of Gilneas City, protecting Creed from Forsaken assassins while they were unwittingly corrupted into his pawns. His schemes were ended however by an assassin working for the uncorrupted Black Dragon Wrathion, who had set out on a quest to kill every last Black Dragon on Azeroth (aside from himself of course.).

Following the death of Creed, it is unknown what became of the Blackhowl. Seeing as though they had no knowledge of Creed's plan to subvert them, or his status as a dragonkin, the group probably continues to guard Gilneas City, as they were most likely still affiliated with the Alliance.


Gilneas is a peninsula, located on the continent of Lordaeron. It lies south of Silverpine Forest.

Карты и подзоны

Ruins of Gilneas map

Прилегающие регионы

Zone Name Faction Level Range Direction Access
Серебряный бор ООрда 10-20 North By foot, or by flying methods.
Предгорья Хилсбрада ООрда ААльянс 20-25 Northeast By swimming or flying to the Purgation Isle.


The geography of the Ruins of Gilneas zone is identical to the instanced Gilneas after the flooding of Duskhaven. However, aside from phasing on a few quests, it is completely devoid of NPCs or mobs. The only mobs in the zone are some critters and beasts (including the uniquely colored Highlands Foxes, which are, oddly, absent in the instanced Gilneas zone).

There are no mailboxes; even the mailboxes that are interactable in the starting Gilneas zone are not clickable here. There are also no flight paths (except for one Horde flight path temporarily available in the Silverpine Forest questline); the only way in is by foot or flying mount. As such, reaching the Ruins of Gilneas is significantly easier for Horde players than Alliance players, whose nearest flight path is the far, far away Aerie Peak, while the Horde has flight paths in nearby Silverpine Forest and Hillsbrad Foothills. The fastest route for Alliance players is probably by flying mount from the northern coast of Dun Morogh or from Menethil Harbor; in both cases, the travel distance is just short enough to avoid fully depleting the fatigue bar with a 280% flying mount if flying in a straight line.

On roleplaying realms, this zone is often repurposed as a roleplaying hub for Gilnean characters. The nearby Shadowfang Keep Meeting Stone can be used by both Alliance and Horde players as the fastest way of getting into the Ruins of Gilneas.


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