Темный тролль

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Темные тролли
Dark Troll Berserker face.jpg
Темный тролль в Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos.
Отношение к другим
Независимая, Племя Призрачного Зуба
КлассыBerserker, Trapper, High priest, Shadow priest, Warlord
Родной мирАзерот

Темные тролли (также известные как темные лесные тролли)[2] - подземные жители и не имеют никакие известные нам столиц, городов, поселений, деревень, храмов или руин. Они - одна из наиболее диких разновидностей троллей.



Before their war with the aqir, the troll tribes claimed most of ancient Kalimdor. Many of the tribes constantly clashed with each other, but one tribe, the "dark trolls", lived in a network of deep caverns stretching beneath Mount Hyjal. They hated the daylight and only emerged from their caverns at night. In time, these nocturnal habits turned their blue skin into hues of gray. The dark trolls were unconcerned with the other tribes' skirmishes and cherished their independence from the rest of troll society, and mostly ignored the activity of the other tribes. Unlike the Amani or Gurubashi, the dark trolls sought a peaceful connection to the natural world, and their mystics sought ways to commune and live in harmony with the land. Gradually, many dark trolls started to migrate towards the labyrinthine groves at the heart of Kalimdor, encountering creatures such as dryads and faerie dragons and eventually discovering an enormous lake filled with magical energies at the very center of the continent. Calling the lake the "Well of Eternity", the dark trolls settled upon its shores. Over generations, the energies of the Well transformed them, elevating their forms and transforming them into highly intelligent and virtually immortal beings. The former trolls gradually abandoned their ancient heritage, and the tribe's mystics started worshipping "Elune", a nocturnal moon goddess which they believed slumbered in the Well's depths during the day. The former trolls also discovered the name "Kalimdor" and other titan-forged words from communing with Elune and investigating strange artifacts scattered around the Well. Influenced by this newfound language, they took up the name kaldorei — "children of the stars" — or night elves.[3]

According to scattered reports, dark trolls have gray to black skin and lead a mostly subterranean existence.[1] They are believed to be cannibals for the most part.[4] Only a single dark troll tribe has been seen in the modern era: the Shadowtooth clan.[5]

When Grommash Hellscream first arrived in Ashenvale Forest, he found and destroyed a dark troll settlement.[6] Later, small settlements of dark trolls were destroyed by Tyrande, Malfurion, and their army during their search for the Druids of the Talon.[7] However, the Shadowtooth clan joined the night elves, humans and orcs in their last stand against the Burning Legion during the Battle of Mount Hyjal.[5]

As of Cataclysm, the dark trolls are nowhere to be found on Mount Hyjal. Brann Bronzebeard believes that they were wiped out by the Twilight's Hammer, but he hasn't had a chance to check their caves yet.[8]


Cataclysm concept artwork.
  • The dark troll entry in the Troll Compendium on the original World of Warcraft site presented the race as brutish creatures whose intelligence, numbers and even alleged existence was considered questionable. Much of this information has since been retconned by Chronicle Volume 1.

Столица: Нет
Известные племена: Нет

Описание: Согласно различным немногочисленным сообщениям, у темных троллей серая или черная кожа, и они ведут главным образом подземное существование. Предположительно темные тролли неповоротливые и жестокие существа, которые бросаются в атаку без какого-либо тактического планирования или скоординированных усилии. Потому пока считается, что темные тролли намного менее разумны, чем остальные тролли.[3][8]

Background: There is no evidence that the dark trolls have ever formed a civilization or nation. Indeed, their estimated numbers are so few that their existence as a distinct category of troll is considered highly questionable. In consequence, it seems likely that if the dark trolls do exist, they are derived from a single troll tribe.[1]


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Dark trolls are the tallest and rarest known subspecies of trollkind.[10] Dark trolls are muscular, wiry humanoids that stand almost 10 feet tall.[10] They have a royal purple hue of skin and pointed features. Their choice of war paint tends to be black or a shade of purple. They have pale yellow eyes that glare as they slip out of shadows.[10]

Dark trolls lead a mostly subterranean existence, and emerge at night to hunt.[10] They have a tribal structure, in which physical power and cunning are held in great esteem. Tribal shamans offer spiritual guidance and divine magic when necessary. This is similar — but far more primitive — in social structure to jungle trolls, the most civilized of trollkind. They practice voodoo, ritual sacrifices and even occasional cannibalism. Dark trolls are possibly the most violent of all troll subspecies and are feared even among their own kind.[10]

Dark troll culture is as primitive as their forest troll cousins but they are more violent than forest trolls,[12] and it has been theorized that dark trolls are much less intelligent than the other trolls. It is said that there are various tribes within the dark trolls.[10] They attack with battleaxes or spears in combat, but they are by no means limited to using weapons. Even when disarmed, they can be lethal with their claws. They fight without fear, relying on their natural healing ability to keep them going. A dark troll's favored class is barbarian.[10] Though they can be found nearly anywhere, they prefer darkness to daylight.[10] The blood elves find the dark trolls of interest.[13] Goblins are becoming fast friends with the dark trolls as both races enjoy the stolen loot the pirates obtain.[14]


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